The Holidays Approach

Winter is upon us, and for most of the U.S. that means we better get our winter clothes out of the attic, and along with that our best soup recipes. 

It's a sure bet you've been stocking up on your favorite teas, brewing your strongest coffee, and savoring the shortbread you've been sending to your friends and family. 

This winter we introduce two new flavors. The "Celebration" and the "Holiday Spice". They are by far the most versatile, because we've added tea, fruity flavors, and spice to blend up a shortbread that will warm your tastebuds. 

A big shout out to all of you who have been sending the shortbread to places near and far. If you've been ordering it for yourself, you might have noticed some extra treats in your package. The bunnies get a wee bit naughty in the bakery when they get the packages together! 

Stay safe this holiday season and keep your toes and your nose warm!